Day 10 & 11

I didn't post on Day 10, because I just doodled in my notebook a bunch and didn't particularly love any of them. We're onto Day 11! And I can't share what I worked on, because it's an in-progress t-shirt for Barrelhouse. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

I'll probably do some more things tonight--or maybe I won't. Who knows!  It's January 1st, anything could happen!

Speaking of January 1st, I don't have a resolution worked out just yet. I haven't focused much on resolutions, historically, but last year's went really well so I'm inclined to at least try for a round 2. The problem is that, so far, the only things I can come up with are more internal than external.* Internal changes are good, for sure, but they're harder to stick to because it's a harder task. I feel like a resolution should be challenging but achievable. Claiming that I am, for instance, going to go on a journey of self-discovery and finally learn to love my body in one year is a hilarious pipe dream of a joke. And I don't want to do something like "read one book a week" because I don't want reading to turn into a chore. It took me long enough to recover from grad school reading burn out. 

Meh, maybe this means I just shouldn't worry about it. It's just an arbitrary date and whatever--but I'm still a sucker for the promise of a clean slate. Years are a pleasant way to compartmentalize. 2017 is dead! This year could be anything! I woke up this morning legit feeling like that. Brains are so weird.


*though my Year of Pursuing a Diagnosis was focused on my literal internal organs, the pursuit of a doctor and medical information is a solidly external pursuit. It involves human interaction and research and not a lot of soul-searching. The diagnosis can lead to soul-searching, of course, but the search, itself, resides comfortably outside.