Camp Comics 2017

Camp Comics! 

I spent most of the last week in central PA (roughly Port Matilda) for the June session of Barrelhouse Writer Camp. Since I am the comics editor, I thought it appropriate to document the time thusly:

It felt really good to draw every day and not be too regimented about the format--especially since everyone else was writing like mad and I'm in a bit of a "refueling" period (that's lasted roughly 2 years so far, but WHATEVER). It's remarkable to me that people find it to be such a productive space. I mean, that's basically why we invented it, but you never really know how these things are going to turn out until you get them going. We've done three camps so far (the other two were last summer) and we've got the next one scheduled for August. I'm hoping we can figure out the funding at some point to do a Camp West either on the coast out here or in Montana. A girl can dream.

If you want to join in the camp fun, keep an eye on the camp website and our twitter account. We're full up for August, but we'll open applications earlyish in the new year for Summer 2018. We do a couple of mini-conferences in Pittsburgh and DC and have some online courses that open up every once in a while, too, so check those out if you're interested!