Things I Like List

I missed blogging, but I feel like my old blog is very much a previous chapter in my life. So here we are, fresh new blog like a fresh new notebook. I can't promise I'll update regularly, but that's why RSS feeds were invented.

Here's a list of things I am presently into:


1.a. A related obsession: Saints Cyril and Methodius

2. I'm reading Hyperion, and (aside from the bad sex scenes--which, in defense of the author, most people are terrible at writing) it is super good. I'm pretty picky about my sci-fi, because I am picky about everything writing-related, and this is a winner for me.

3. If you are like me in that you are an anxious person who appreciates the meditative aspects of drawing straight lines but doesn't like to do things with no inherent purpose, bullet journaling on dot grid paper is extremely therapeutic. Bonus: you can track your moods and symptoms on a grid that your doctor will swoon over.

4. There has never been a time when I wasn't interested in medicine and medical history. Sawbones continues to be one of my favorite podcasts because it is smart and funny and sweet, and it's great background even when you have some knowledge of that week's topic.

5. Another super therapeutic thing? Playing with multi-media art. I'm all about drawing inks, acrylics, watercolors, and oil pastels at the moment. (And watercolor paper. That texture is delicious--and I'm getting better about being less precious re: my fancier art supplies. Regular drawing paper is great, but sometimes you actually need that heavy, textured, slightly-more-expensive paper.)

6. I know I've mentioned this in old episodes of Audiodidact (sorry for the lack of exact link--we talked about genetics a lot, and I don't know which episode it was in particular), but I'm really into exporting the raw genetic data from a place like 23&Me to Promethease. For example, I was working with my doctor recently to determine the best antidepressant for me to try (Fluoxetine gave me the most insane hypersomnia. Fourteen hours a day is way too many asleep hours). We were going to try Effexor, but she told me to check my gene report just in case it had any hints about it's effectiveness. Turns out: it did! I'm about 7x less likely to respond to certain SSRIs, including Effexor. So we're going the NDRI route. I've been on Wellbutrin for a little while now, and it's working really well! Our bodies are so crazy, man.

7. it me