Day 6

Where is Day 5, you ask? It will be living as a draft for all eternity. (It just ended up being more private-journalish than blogish.)

What do these days mean? If I tell you, it will probably stop working. If you solve the puzzle yourself: good job! But don't tell me you've solved it, because then it will probably stop working.

Anywhooooooo. Today. Trying to get back into learning Irish! This time seems slightly more promising as I have both Pimsleur mp3s AND some text books (like this one, which I used today). I am a textbook person. DuoLingo has never been great for me. I need to have all the rules written down. Give me charts! Give me a consistent list of diphthongs! Give me (save me from?) clear instructions on the use of double genitives! 

I'm basically starting over from the beginning, because even though I can say a few things, I can't write them down. I'm hoping to enhance my verbal skills, obvs, but I'd also like to be literate. Practically speaking: I'd like to be able to read street signs. Speaking as a person with ridiculous hobbies: I'd like to be able to read poetry. All in all, it reminds me of doing Riggs in grade school (while my mom was homeschooling us)--which is to say, sometimes fun, usually daunting, and very helpful in the end (although doing Riggs is 100% the reason I pronounce "gif" with a soft g, which earns me hours of ridicule despite it making sense, but I don't want to get into this argument right now, and you should feel free to pronounce it however you want--language is a living thing, long live freedom). 

However, one big difference between grade school phonetics-learning and adult phonetics-learning is that in grade school, you are forced to do it and your reward is...not clear until you are an adult and decide to get a series of English degrees. As an adult, you can reward yourself with the instant gratification of:

1. knowing you are doing a thing you want, and
2. following your lesson with an actual reward, called "a drink."

AND IT'S FRIDAY, AND IT'S (almost) CHRISTMAS, so it is, when you think about it, amazing that I have waited until 4:45pm to pour said-drink. WELL DONE, ME.