The Year of Medical Mysteries

On January 1, 2017 I made a New Year's resolution to figure out my health. It's a thing I've been working on for years, but this time I made it The Goal of my year. Ideally, this would have followed some kind of timeline like:

January: see a new doctor!
February: after tests, diagnoses achieved!
March: sleep, stomach, and pain issues moving towards resolution!
May: feeling great! maybe looking for a job now?
July: I'm such a pro at working out now!
October: everything is great
December: I don't remember what being sick 24/7 even feels like

Instead, it was more like*:

January: see a new doctor!
Feb-April: new doctor runs tests I later find out are not relevant to my issues, puts me on a bunch of supplements that make me legitimately crazy (nightmares about the Devil trying to possess me? OCD through the roof? Check and check.)
May: after months of research and timid requests, I finally put my foot down and firmly request that we try Wellbutrin for my depression instead of screwing around with unregulated nightmare supplements. (It worked wonders for me, btw.)
June: leave this doctor. Pessimistically consider that I may never figure this out, and that 95% of doctors are about as effective as WebMD
August: go to Zoomcare to refill my prescription and mention my constant pain issues; receive referral to their Immunologist
September: see Immunologist. She is House, MD-level brilliant, but also super nice. I receive a diagnosis on the first visit. ...It's a lifelong genetic thing (Hypermobility-type Ehlers-Danlos, likely with POTS and MCAS--all these syndromes like to hang out together). Later in the month, do a SIBO test! Hmmm, I have that, too (thanks, previous doctor, for not testing that correctly). Hello, six months of antibiotics and low-FODMAP.** That said: DIAGNOSES ACHIEVED, BITCHES. Faith restored in medical professionals
October: treatments in progress. Slowly telling people about this because it's never easy to talk about this stuff. Doing physical therapy and the SIBO stuff, having roller coaster feelings re: Permanently Sick With An Invisible Thing vs. No More Mystery(!)

So, yeah, we ran a few months behind schedule, hit some bumps, ended up with an emotionally confusing diagnosis (continues to be emotionally confusing) and a probable lifetime of off-and-on treatment, but I technically did exactly what I set out to do, which was GET SOME ANSWERS. Nailed it.

*For every month, add: Daniel is encourages me to not give up
**At this point, I am very good at cooking for odd, restrictive diets