I have been known to dabble in just about anything, but my primary jams are writing, visual art (comics, painting, doodles, and even tattoos on occasion), effective altruism (see image below), and nerding out real hard about history.*

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*I also podcast and edit and tweet and work as the Art Director/Whole Art Department for Barrelhouse Magazine.

Tom McAllister from Book Fight! blurbed me thusly*:

"Killian Czuba is the roux that thickens your soup; seemingly ordinary at first, but capable of alchemy, of binding the unbindable, of stabilizing the unstabilizeable. In the four course meal of life, she's the unsung hero--not as flashy as the ceviche and the foie gras but infinitely more important. The cornerstone of the entire culinary experience, she is flour and butter combined and cooked over low heat and transformed into something magical and unexplainable."

*as a joke, before he knew me. But it's still totally accurate and now we're basically BFFs NO BIG DEAL

Since 2015, I have been a pledged member of Giving What We Can. I give 10-20% of my monthly income to effective charities like Against Malaria Foundation, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, Deworm the World, and Give Directly, and to organizations that research and support these charities, such as Giving What We CanGiveWell, and Open Philanthropy Project. So when you support my work, you are also supporting all of these amazing initiatives that help humans around the world! :)

Giving What We Can Pledge: